Yoga & Movement 

Intentional movement and breath work in the form of yoga can compliment traditional talk therapy in very powerful ways. They can help to facilitate the processing and release of experiences that the physical body has held on to. If you are interested in learning about the research behind this mind-body connection,          is just one of many wonderful resources. 


Smaller, more personalized, classes and sessions are especially helpful for individuals who don’t feel comfortable in a group setting, are looking to deepen this connection or practice, or are interested in yoga for a specific event.


One-on-one classes are offered at the Soul’s Nest Counseling & Wellness office located at Whole Life Health Care in Newington, NH. If students are interested in larger classes, Carli will work with you to find a suitable space to practice. 

You can click           if you'd like more information about rates for semi-private and private yoga classes.